Minter Creek Chum Salmon Fishing 2022

Minter Creek Chum on the bank
Minter Creek Chum on the bank

What comes to mind when you think of “Minter Creek”? I know many many folks have had a bad experience fishing at Minter Creek, but to many it’s an absolute blast. And to some others who have never gone, it’s a great curiosity. You see the numbers, you hear the stories, but you just aren’t quite sure you want to go for it.

This article is for you, the minter creek newb!

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Green River Salmon Fishing 2022

The ever popular Green river originates in the Cascade mountains east of Tacoma, WA but quickly runs into Howard A Hansen Dam (which forms the namesake reservoir) which was created for flood control and water supply. Water released from the dam continues the flow of the Green river to the northwest, through the most heavily populated areas of Pugetropolis.

As it nears the saltwater of Elliot Bay and the city of Seattle it forms the Duwamish waterway. The Green river remains one of the best salmon rivers in the state in terms of sheer numbers of returning salmon and proximity to many people who can readily enjoy the fishery.

This blog article attempts to concentrate in one place the angling opportunity, fishing regulations and hatchery data to make your research and trip planning to the Green River as simple as possible.

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