Skagit River Salmon Fishing 2023


The Skagit River is the premier river of the north cascades draining a massive watershed and providing up to 80% of the influx of freshwater into the Puget Sound. Winding through miles of mountainous terrain, foothills and farmland before dumping into Skagit Bay between Stanwood and La Conner.

We will explore the fall salmon fishing opportunities in 2023 and a few recent issues surrounding the Skagit River in this blog post.

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Pink Salmon Run 2023

Duwamish waterway fishing for Pinks
Duwamish waterway fishing for Pinks

Like the first gleam of dawn on the Duwamish industrial water way is the glimpse of summer time fun we just received from WDFW via the North of Falcon Salmon season setting process.

That’s right folks, it’s time to board the hype train to humpy town! Pink Salmon season 2023 is upon us!

Let’s get the full rundown of the pink salmon um…run, in 2023.

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Puget Sound Salmon Forecasts 2023

Nice chinook salmon caught around Sekiu

This is the big forecast news dump we’ve been waiting for! There’s so much information on what we can expect with regards to salmon fishing in Puget Sound revealed at the beginning of North of Falcon with these forecasts now released.

There was also some framing of the kind of salmon seasons we can expect. I will unpack all of it for you in this blog post, including details about the nearly 4 million pinks (humpies) expected to return to Puget Sound in 2023!

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