I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest most of my life and long enjoyed the outdoor recreational lifestyle that’s so accessible here. I’ve recently retired from my full time corporate world job to spend more time with my family and pursue what I’m most passionate about.

PNWBestLife.com has been created to provide an outlet to share the richness of these experiences with those who are looking for a place to start their own pursuit of PNW outdoor endeavors or looking for fresh ideas and up to date information on topics like: Fishing, Shellfish harvesting, Foraging and Hunting. While these may seem like broad areas, they all have one thing in common, in that they take you into some of the most amazing and beautiful places and experiences here in the PNW.

We live in a disconnected world where we are increasingly disconnected from the land live in, the food we eat and the people we spend time around. The lifestyle of harvest recreation is one that connects all three of these things together: Land, Food and People.

Marching through a dense rainforest in December, looking for that perfect drift holding the elusive Steelhead. Sitting on a beach in March in full rain gear with friends harvesting (and eating) Oysters. Experiencing the serenity and beauty of springtime camping amongst a pine forest east of the Cascades. Eating meals in the summer time that fully originated from home grown vegetables and fresh caught salmon from a local river.

There are so many amazing experiences in the outdoors of the PNW that inspire you, bring you closer to the ones you love and provide for lasting memories. That richness of experience is what we aim to capture, share and refer to as the PNW Best Life.