GMU 382 East Klickitat Hunting Seasons 2023

GMU 382 offers some truely unique terrain, situated on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge breaking up the Cascade Mountains range and offering lots of public land access and unique hunting opportunities. This blog post and others like it are meant to provide hunters a trip planning resource wherein all big game hunting seasons can be viewed in one place for the upcoming hunting season.

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2023 Puget Sound Spot Shrimp Season

puget sound shrimp coming up

We are only a few weeks away from the 2023 Puget Sound Shrimping season! Now is the time to review season details, take inventory of your pots, your riggings, and of course your bait.

Do you remember where you left off last year? Do you remember the valuable lessons you learned? Now is the time to review, head to the store if you need to and come up with a plan to make your 2023 season a big success.

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Humptulips River Salmon Fishing 2023

Humptulips coho on a jig

The Humptulips is the crown jewel of the Washington coast salmon fishery. Accessible, distant, but not too distant, you will encounter many many fellow anglers on the Humptulips River this fall.

Another plus that draws avid salmon anglers from all over are the numbers and size of chinook and coho. It’s not uncommon to find chinook in that 20-30 lb range, and maybe even bigger. Coho can reach mid to upper teens in size as well.

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2023 Mariners Season is coming off the tracks

Mariners ALDS 2022

I don’t know about you, but I was beyond excited for the 2023 season after seeing how close this team got to being a legitimate World Series contender. In fact, multiple Astros players described their series with the M’s as the toughest in the playoffs even though they swept the M’s in 3 games.

The offseason and how things have started in 2023 have left much to be desired. Are the Mariners cheap? Does ownership want to win? Do we have any hope that this team will really go for it? I explore all this and more in this rare PNWBestLife Mariners blog post.

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