Nisqually River Salmon Fishing 2022

The Nisqually River is situated in the deep south sound and is the return destination of many chinook salmon each summer and fall.

The Nisqually river begins on the southern glacier covered flanks of Mount Rainier but doesn’t get very far before running into Alder dam to form Alder lake. Most salmon fisherman know the Nisqually as a decent visibility river that will often run clear for most of summer, however above the dam it looks much more like the Puyallup River.

What’s responsible for this transformation?

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Puget Sound Fishing Update for September, 2019

Nice late king on the carbon
Nice late king on the carbon

Did summer ever actually happen? Technically, September is still summer, but it sure feels like we are now in the fall. It doesn’t help that all the stores have Halloween stuff out, the autumn beers are on the shelves and the salmon are in the rivers! Let’s cover what the options are in September to get into some salmon.

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