Skykomish River Winter Steelhead Fishing 2022-2023

Skykomish winter steelhead chrome

There is really only one option available to those who want to fish the rivers of the Puget Sound for winter steelhead and that’s the Snohomish River system, of which the Skykomish River generally has the larger steelhead return.

The Skykomish River drains the northern cascades, with the river winding westward along highway 2 until meeting the Snoqualmie River to form the combined “Snohomish River”.

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Minter Creek Chum Salmon Fishing 2022

Minter Creek Chum on the bank
Minter Creek Chum on the bank

What comes to mind when you think of “Minter Creek”? I know many many folks have had a bad experience fishing at Minter Creek, but to many it’s an absolute blast. And to some others who have never gone, it’s a great curiosity. You see the numbers, you hear the stories, but you just aren’t quite sure you want to go for it.

This article is for you, the minter creek newb!

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